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Betsy Drake

R.B. Hamilton

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What's New

Some of the original paintings and designs by R B Hamilton and Betsy Drake: Please click on the thumbnail images to enlarge.

Door Mat
Dick's Sunflower

Wall Canvas
Tri-Colored Heron

PM548 Place Mat
DM548 Door Mat

Croc and Butterfly

Summer Pelican
Outdoor Pillow

SN807 - 11x14
HJ807 - 16x20
ZP807 - 20x24

Yellow Row Boat
Outdoor Pillow

SN830 - 11x14
HJ830 - 16x20
ZP830 - 20x24

Boy & Surf
Outdoor Pillow

SN831 - 11x14
HJ831 - 16x20
ZP831 - 20x24

Boy & Toy
Outdoor Pillow

SN832 - 11x14
HJ832 - 16x20
ZP832 - 20x24

Yellow Sea Turtle
Outdoor Pillow

SN833 - 11x14
HJ833 - 16x20
ZP833 - 20x24

Loony Birds
Outdoor Pillow

SN829 - 11x14
HJ829 - 16x20
ZP829 - 20x24

Bufflehead Duck


Three Apples


Reddish Egret


Rowboat at Dock

PM656 Place Mat
DM656 Door Mat
TP656 Wall Hanging

Playing at the Beach

PM658 Place Mat
DM658 Door Mat
TP658 Wall Hanging

Wading at the Beach

PM659 Place Mat
DM659 Door Mat
TP659 Wall Hanging

Green-Blue Lobster

PM660 Place Mat
DM660 Door Mat
TP660 Wall Hanging

Loggerhead Turtle

PM661 Place Mat
DM661 Door Mat
TP661 Wall Hanging

Calico Crab

PM662 Place Mat
DM662 Door Mat
TP662 Wall Hanging

Rowboat and Birds

PM663 Place Mat
DM663 Door Mat
TP663 Wall Hanging

Orange Shrimp

PM664 Place Mat
DM664 Door Mat
TP664 Wall Hanging

Horseshoe Crab

PM665 Place Mat
DM665 Door Mat
TP665 Wall Hanging

Egret Head

PM667 Place Mat
DM667 Door Mat
TP667 Wall Hanging

Cormorant & Egret

PM668 Place Mat
DM668 Door Mat
TP668 Wall Hanging

Red Buds & Bird

PM657 Place Mat
DM657 Door Mat
TP657 Wall Hanging

Tall Ship

CT666 Coaster
SH666 Shower Curtain

Betsy's Lion Fish Outdoor Pillow

SN451 - 11x14
HJ451 - 16x20
ZP451 - 20x24

Cocoa Nuts & Boats Outdoor Pillow

SN440 - 11x14
HJ440 - 16x20
ZP440 - 20x24

PM637 Place Mat
DM637 Door Mat
TP637 Wall Hanging

Crazy Octopus

PM644 Place Mat
DM644 Door Mat
TP644 Wall Hanging

Hummingbird & Fire Plant

PM652 Place Mat
DM652 Door Mat
TP652 Wall Hanging

Wood Duck II

PM540 Place Mat
DM540 Door Mat

Heron & Waterlilies

PM542 Place Mat
DM542 Door Mat


PM544 Place Mat
DM544 Door Mat

Windy Sunflower

PM545 Place Mat
DM545 Door Mat

Purple Paradise

PM546 Place Mat
DM546 Door Mat